Recent Submissions

  • Parliamentary speech and media attention in Estonia, 2011-2019 

    Mölder, Martin; Lupacheva, Tatiana (Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, 2024-03-11)
    This data set includes the data that was used for the models that are reported in the paper "A Place to Speak and be Heard? Parliamentary Speech and Media Attention in Estonia, 2011-2019" that is set to be published in ...
  • Stakeholder Discourse on DMA and DSA 

    Diana, Alessio; Mölder, Martin; Romanov, Bogdan; Mollona, Edoardo (University of Tartu, 2023)
    The data set contains feedback from tech companies as well as other stakeholders that has been published during the legislative process of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA). This data will ...
  • Effect of Musical Expertise the Perception of Duration and Pitch in Language: A Cross-linguistic Study 

    Lyu, Siqi; Põldver, Nele; Kask, Liis; Wang, Luming; Kreegipuu, Kairi (University of Tartu, Institute of Psychology, 2023)
    This study adopts a cross-linguistic perspective and investigates how musical expertise affects the perception of duration and pitch in language. Native speakers of Chinese (N=44) and Estonian (N=46), each group subdivided ...
  • GAFAM Self-Narratives 

    Mölder, Martin; Romanov, Bogdan (Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, 2023-09)
    This data set contains information about texts that have been collected from the websites (blogs and news archives) of GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) companies. The purpose of this data set is to provide ...
  • DigiEfekt: õpilaste koolirahulolu (school satisfaction) 

    Pedaste, Margus (Tartu Ülikooli haridusteaduste instituut, 2022-12)
    Õpilaste koolirahulolu andmekogu on osa DigiEfekti (DIGIVARA5) koondandmekogust. Andmekogu koosneb andmetabelist (“schoolsat_data”), kus koodiraamat asub andmefailis teisel lehel ("Codebook"). Lisatud on uuringu instrumenti ...

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