• Estonian Teen Language Corpus 

    Vihman, Virve-Anneli; Pilvik, Maarja-Liisa; Mandel, Aive; Kängsepp, Annika; Aigro, Mari; Koreinik, Kadri; Praakli, Kristiina; Lindström, Liina (Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu, 2023)
    Estonian Teen Language Corpus (Eesti teismeliste keele korpus) is a corpus representing spoken and written language data, collected from Estonian teenagers (ages 9-18) between 2019-2023. The corpus consists of four types ...
  • Tool for the Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method 

    Piirisild, Anu (Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduse instituut, 2024-01)
    This dataset contains a preliminary tool that is created to use Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method. The EbA-tool includes a page with tutorial how to use the method and a page how to use the tool. The dataset contains ...
  • Experience-based Analysis Method - the Evaluation data 

    Piirisild, Anu; Perandrés Gómez, Ana (Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduse instituut, 2024)
    The dataset contains the data that were created to evaluate the Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method. The data is being made public to act as supplementary data for the EbA method evaluation. The EbA method has been ...
  • Kõnetempo ja -soravuse varieerumine eesti keeles (data) 

    Lippus, Pärtel; Pilvik, Maarja-Liisa; Lõo, Kaidi; Lindström, Liina (University of Tartu, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, 2024)
    Siin repositooriumis on kõnetempo ja -soravuse andmestikud ja nende analüüsiks kasutatud R kood, mida on kasutatud artiklis: Pärtel Lippus, Maarja-Liisa Pilvik, Kaidi Lõo, Liina Lindström. 2024. Kõnetempo ja -soravuse ...
  • Stakeholder Discourse on DMA and DSA 

    Diana, Alessio; Mölder, Martin; Romanov, Bogdan; Mollona, Edoardo (University of Tartu, 2023)
    The data set contains feedback from tech companies as well as other stakeholders that has been published during the legislative process of the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA). This data will ...

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