Recent Submissions

  • Eesti murrete korpus 

    Lindström, Liina; Todesk, Triin; Pilvik, Maarja-Liisa (Tartu Ülikool, eesti ja üldkeeleteaduse instituut, 2022-11-23)
    Eesti murrete korpus on kõiki eesti murdeid hõlmav elektrooniline andmekogu. Korpus koosneb helisalvestistest, foneetilises transkriptsioonis murdetekstidest, lihtsustatud transkriptsioonis murdetekstidest, morfoloogiliselt ...
  • Data and R code for 'Speed and space' (Taremaa & Kopecka) 

    Taremaa, Piia; Kopecka, Anetta (University of Tartu, 2022)
    Data and statistical code used in the paper "Speed and space: semantic asymmetries in motion descriptions in Estonian" (published in Cognitive Linguistics; Ahead of Print, published online 8 December 2022)
  • Data and R code for 'Speed as a dimension of manner in Estonian frog stories' (Taremaa et al.) 

    Taremaa, Piia; Kiik, Johanna; Toots, Leena Karin; Veismann, Ann (University of Tartu, 2022)
    Data and statistical code used in the paper "Speed as a dimension of manner in Estonian frog stories" (accepted by the Journal of Nordic Linguistics in 2022)
  • BWRITE: Academic Writing in the Baltic States: Rhetorical Structures through culture(s) and languages. 

    Susman, Margaux; Hint, Helen; Groom, Nicholas; Leijen, Djuddah (University of Tartu, 2022-10-06)
    The data is used to investigate the structures of Estonian and Lithuanian Master’s theses, focusing in particular on the question of whether and to what extent these texts adhere to, or depart from, the standard IMRaD ...
  • Dataset on zooarchaeological records obtained from the Oa Street, Tartu (Estonia), excavations in 2021 

    Ehrlich, Freydis; Lõugas, Lembi (University of Tartu; Tallinn University, 2022)
    The dataset contains animal bone identifications carried out by Freydis Ehrlich and Lembi Lõugas in 2021-2022. The bones come from the archaeological excavations conducted in Oa Street, Tartu, in 2021. The material is dated ...

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