Scientists from the Centre for Climate Research (Institute of Physics University of Tartu) have discovered anthropogenic glaciation events of supercooled liquid water clouds downwind of industrial air pollution sources. This collection serves as a metadata record for glaciation events and makes available the data and software necessary to replicate and extend the research.

This collection includes metadata and software to sample data from the MODIS instrument onboard the polar-orbiting Terra satellite, from the ABI instrument onboard the geostationary GOES satellite, and from ground-based precipitation radars in Canada. In addition, meteorological conditions characteristic to glaciation events are given based on ERA5 atmospheric reanalysis, and the aerosol dispersion plumes are given based on HYSPLIT.

Velle Toll (University of Tartu) led the research team. Hannes Keernik, Jorma Rahu, Heido Trofimov, and Piia Post (all from the University of Tartu) collected data and developed software. Peter Manshausen (University of Oxford) and Matthew Christensen (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) performed HYSPLIT simulations. Daniel Michelson, Norman Donaldson, and Emma Hung (all from Environment and Climate Change Canada) provided ground-based precipitation radar data from Canada and supervised the analysis of radar data.


Velle Toll

Hannes Keernik

This research is funded by the Estonian Research Council grant PRG1726.