Ökoloogia ja maateaduste instituudi põhiülesanne on õppe- ning teadus- ja arendustöö ning ühiskonnale vajalike teenuste osutamine bioloogias, maateadustes ja keskkonnateadustes ning nende sidusaladel.


The main task of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences is to conduct teaching, research and development activities and provide services for the society in biology, earth sciences and environmental sciences and the related disciplines.

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Recent Submissions

  • Supplementary data 

    Gul, Bilal (University of Tartu, 2021-07-30)
    C and O isotope data for late Ordovician and early Silurian to evaluate the palaeotemperatures and palaeoenvironmental variability in Baltica from bulk rock and brachiopod shells.
  • BioVolHum 

    Mänd, Pille (University of Tartu, 2019)
    Higher humidity, which is predicted for northern latitudes, can cause significant changes in forest growth and function. Increase in air humidity at FAHM experimental site, Estonia, has shown to affect tree water status ...
  • GRQA: Global River Water Quality Archive 

    Virro, Holger; Amatulli, Giuseppe; Kmoch, Alexander; Shen, Longzhu; Uuemaa, Evelyn (2021-02-15)
    A major problem related to large-scale water quality modeling has been the lack of available observation data with a good spatiotemporal coverage. This has affected the reproducibility of previous studies and the potential ...
  • Projekti "Veekaitsevööndite reostustundlikkuse ja kaldavööndi puhverribade rajamise vajalikkuse hinnangute kaardikihtide loomine" andmete arhiiv 

    Uuemaa, Evelyn; Kmoch, Alexander; Kull, Ain; Nurm, Hanna-Ingrid; Mõisja, Kiira (2021)
    Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskuse rahastatud projekti “Veekaitsevööndite reostustundlikkuse ja kaldavööndi puhverribade rajamise vajalikkuse hinnangute kaardikihtide loomine” käigus loodud kaardikihtide arhiiv. Töö tulemus ...
  • Soilmap of Estonia - Mullastiku kaart 

    Kmoch, Alexander (2017-03-01)
    This is a reference archive for the soilmap of Estonia. It serves as point of reference and archive for subsequent and dependent work in order to be able to relate derivatives back to original source by the Landboard. Eesti ...

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