Recent Submissions

  • Tool for the Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method 

    Piirisild, Anu (Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduse instituut, 2024-01)
    This dataset contains a preliminary tool that is created to use Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method. The EbA-tool includes a page with tutorial how to use the method and a page how to use the tool. The dataset contains ...
  • Experience-based Analysis Method - the Evaluation data 

    Piirisild, Anu; Perandrés Gómez, Ana (Tartu Ülikooli arvutiteaduse instituut, 2024)
    The dataset contains the data that were created to evaluate the Experience-based Analysis (EbA) method. The data is being made public to act as supplementary data for the EbA method evaluation. The EbA method has been ...
  • Framework for Security Level Evaluation (F4SLE) E-ITS based ver 2021-1 

    Seeba, Mari (Institute of Computer Science of University of Tartu, 2022-12-20)
    F4SLE provides to the institutions with E-ITS-based repeatable and comparable results for evaluating the performance of information security management, both for self-assessment and monitoring in the various stages of the ...
  • Programmi RITA tegevuse 1 projekti „Eseme- ja mobiilsidevõrgu kaitse simuleerimine küberharjutusväljal“ lõppraport 

    Mäeots, Mario; Preden, Jürgo; Kuusk, Tanel; Jakovits, Pelle; Reintam, Aare; Livenson, Ilja (University of Tartu, The Institute of EducationUniversity of Tartu, The Institute of Computer Science, 2022)
    The project was commissioned by the Estonian Research Council to support the goals of the Estonian Ministry of Defence. The project was funded through the European Regional Development Fund program "Strengthening of ...
  • ArtSeg-CHO-M4R: artifact segmentation in microscopy of ligand binding to M4 muscarinic receptor in live CHO-K1-hM4 cells. 

    Ali, Mohammed A. S.; Hollo, Kaspar; Laasfeld, Tõnis; Torp, Jane; Tahk, Maris-Johanna; Rinken, Ago; Palo, Kaupo; Parts, Leopold; Fishman, Dmytro (University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Sciences, 2022-01-24)
    The "ArtSeg-CHO-M4R, artifact segmentation in microscopy of ligand binding to M4 muscarinic receptor in live CHO-K1-hM4 cells" dataset contains microscopy images along with the ground truth binary masks for artifact ...

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